Tech Support


Mr. Hickman was a people-oriented salesperson; Mr. Williams was a technology expert. Together, they formed a winning combination that could listen to customer needs and respond with technically adept and innovative solutions.

This winning combination of support linked with technical savvy continues today. Our support function now includes vast North American resources that can be used to provide metals production solutions across geographic boundaries.

Our experienced Technical Support Group is available to assist customers in the use of materials to solve production problems, improve productivity and reduce cost. We also serve customers in a variety of other businesses, including the sugar beet industry, water treatment, smelting and other related metal industries. Because of our broad exposure to other industries, we are often able to transfer and apply solutions from one industry to problems in another.

Always At Your Service

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Ductile Iron, Pressed Filter

Ductile Iron, Pressed Vertical

Tail back Filtration Theory in action – Slag and debris is lifted up and away from the filter by a disruption in iron flow the filter causes. This allows for efficient proper filtration while keeping the filter free of obstructions, keeping constant flow rates throughout the entire pour. All the while smooth lamellar metal exits.